My boyfriend never sticks up for me

EDIT: As it seemed important to some readers; I'm a girl. And also I understand that it's not personal, I'll try to be less sensitive to flamers. Dear People of the Boards, I need your advice. My boyfriend and I occasionally play League together. I enjoy it a lot, as he got me into the game. I've been playing for 3 years now, and he has been playing for 4. We haven been together for 7.5 years. I main support and he mains jungle. I'm amazed at how well he can take flame from other players. He never responds to them, though he also never mutes them. He just reports them after the game and is done with it. I strive to be the same... However, I can't. I don't know why, but whenever someone flames me I get hurt emotionally. Normally I also don't reply, but is doesn't always stop be from being verbally abused. I get really sad when that happens, even after muting the flamer. But what makes me even sadder is the fact that my boyfriend will never take my side. In game he just won't say anything in chat to defend me, while if the flamer is premade with someone I get double the abuse. I asked why he won't stick up for me, and he simply replies it's (the flamer) not worth the trouble. For me however that doesn't make any sense. He may not be worth it, but I certainly am? Even in real life, if he sees I got sad because I got flamed, he's pretty much like: "get over it". I know not caring about flamers is the best tactic, but this feels so cold. Does anyone understand his attitude? Am I too sensitive? If you get his way of playing, please share with me why he handles it this way, and if you would do the same? Thank you for your time and kind regards, TR
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