i just don't understand the balance changes anymore

i'm really trying not to tilt everytime i read the new patch notes or upcomming changes. i wanna understand the reasons why some champs get a buff/nerf so i found out rakans speed on his W is back so yeah that's good but not being able to W or flash when he activates his ulti is that okay? that's a question because i'm low elo and i don't know how good rakan is atm but man.. Ult+W is part of his combo looking at champion.gg right now he has 48.43% winrate and personally i don't think nerfing his ult is gonna make that winrate go up vayne also received some buffs that i and allot of people didn't really understand and yes i know vayne is an ADC i understand that but so is Ezreal Kai'sa lucian, kalista etc.. why don't they receive buffs they are all under 50% winrate these are just 2 examples of riots balance changes but there are many more can someone explain where riot is looking at when they decide what champions need buffs and or nerfs because i just can't understand it anymore
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