14 days suspension for being passive-aggresive to a player that was outright trolling

Today is a really sad day guys. I'm really sad I don't have the full chat so I can copy what he was writing. I was trolling him in chat but he was outright flaming me and my team. We also had a dude go afk because of the same Kassadin because of how toxic he was. Yes I did call him an autistic %%%%%% and I think in my case it was justified, I edited that out because that was literally the only "flame" I directly said. I'm not asking riot to unban me, I know how it works, but it's quite sad that he got away with it and I got banned for literally one derogatory sentence. Good %%%%ing riddance Chatlog: Game 1 temp3120498: kasa temp3120498: can u please temp3120498: move temp3120498: god %%%%ing damnit temp3120498: yea good luck temp3120498: :) temp3120498: dont really care mf xD temp3120498: no shit? XD temp3120498: kassa is kinda salty temp3120498: I love it <3 temp3120498: Wouldnt blame him temp3120498: Kassa flaming hard temp3120498: See? temp3120498: 2 abilities temp3120498: and im dead temp3120498: xD temp3120498: lol temp3120498: yes you did kassa temp3120498: all your fault temp3120498: Report kassa for inting temp3120498: Also toxic temp3120498: Really toxic, not like regular toxic temp3120498: He claims to be hitler temp3120498: nah its over man temp3120498: dont wanna waste time temp3120498: go ahead temp3120498: just ff temp3120498: dont waste time temp3120498: guys temp3120498: lol temp3120498: :/
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