Why am I being punished for other peoples behaviour?

I understand why the queue dodge block is there but I don't see why it has to start off at 5 mins. I think everyone should get a free dodge every 12 hours then allow it to start from 5 mins after that I have better things to do than sit around 5 10 15 mins because I had to dodge because of people are not taking ranked seriously I have been promoted and demoted so many times its got to the point where dodging is the only way i can steady climb because for some reason it put me in iron at the start of the season and I play alone. I have been playing since beta on US servers then i made a new account on EUW when they went live I have been playing on and off since I never tried very hard in ranked because I never had the people around me to support me and work as a team to grind ranked but i wanted to this season I mainly play 3v3s I don't know why I enjoy the fast game play and skirmish play style even though 5s get all the spotlight and 3s are looked down on by people who can't even play it properly. Anyway since 3s are treated badly ranked 3s player base the majority don't take it seriously its a joke to them as they play 5s where as the people who take 3s seriously are constantly punished for having to dodge trolls and people who tilt in champion select because some other person wants to play that one lane because I don't know players these days apparently can only know how to play one lane where is back say S1 most of the player base where dota players ect a knew how to play all the lanes like I do. Adding this feature is not asking much and will save allot of players time and stressful games with trolls and should cut down on toxic reports.
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