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Hey there, I got permanently banned about 2 hours ago. From what I've heard there is basically no chance to get unbanned unless the ban was an error - and I do believe it was an error, at least to a certain extent. The reason I got banned is flaming: "Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive, your..." followed by "Other players judged your comms far..." No spoilers ehh? Well I guess this will have to do. Unfortunately I tend to send messages word by word while chatting in combat (because of constant need of clicking and using spells and stuff) so it's quite long and most importantly chaotic as there are no time stamps... LOGS Game 1 Pre-Game Grimer2: any chance Grimer2: we will have tanky supp? In-Game Grimer2: will have to back sooner but Grimer2: at least rengo ganks will suck Grimer2: nah Grimer2: I dont feel like it Grimer2: I missed so much cc Grimer2: cuz of his fcking slow Grimer2: I was just Grimer2: clicking W Grimer2: xD Grimer2: that was close Grimer2: Jax Grimer2: come top man Grimer2: srsly? Grimer2: it was Grimer2: too late Grimer2: for blue Grimer2: if u dont help me out on top Grimer2: I cant beat him Grimer2: I have to go all in him Grimer2: cuz his passive is too strong Grimer2: if I do Grimer2: rengo comes Grimer2: reported Grimer2: report jax Grimer2: toxic Grimer2: am I? Grimer2: how so? Grimer2: SPAMMING? Grimer2: I WAS ASKING FOR HELP Grimer2: AND CLARIFYING ING Grimer2: u got it Grimer2: I had Grimer2: 2 deaths Grimer2: I HAVE TO Grimer2: PUSH CHO Grimer2: OTHERVISE Grimer2: I CANT DO A SHIT Grimer2: U %%%%%%%%%%%% //THE CENSORED ONE Grimer2: I Grimer2: asked for help Grimer2: u call me Grimer2: toxic Grimer2: ok Grimer2: there u go Grimer2: u called it Grimer2: on yourself Grimer2: bot Grimer2: was Grimer2: 1/4 Grimer2: at that point Grimer2: Jax Grimer2: I couldnt Grimer2: cuz Grimer2: Sion Grimer2: is snowball tank Grimer2: it cannot Grimer2: be Grimer2: useful Grimer2: without Grimer2: FARM Grimer2: I have to Grimer2: combat Grimer2: Cho all the time Grimer2: because cho Grimer2: benefits Grimer2: from idle laner Grimer2: u have no clue Grimer2: what was happening on top Grimer2: I died Grimer2: under my tower Grimer2: for the first time Grimer2: I was Grimer2: MY PROBLEM WITH JAX Grimer2: WAS HIS REPSONSE Grimer2: HE WAS IMMEDIATLY TOXIC Grimer2: WHEN I ASKED Grimer2: FOR HELP Grimer2: SO Grimer2: SUCK IT Grimer2: yeah Grimer2: in the context Grimer2: it is toxic Grimer2: which is Grimer2: flameing Grimer2: btw Grimer2: Int Grimer2: = Grimer2: That I actually wanted to die Grimer2: Zyra Grimer2: telling someone Grimer2: they are inting Grimer2: Jax Grimer2: u called me Grimer2: inting Grimer2: when I was 0/2 Grimer2: and once I died under my own turret Grimer2: check replay Grimer2: idiot Grimer2: they flamed the shit out of me Grimer2: jungler told me I am inting shit after I went 0/2 Grimer2: and when I asked for gank for the first time Grimer2: he went sacrastic Grimer2: there u go flamers Grimer2: its toxic Grimer2: I dont want to be dealing wit hu Grimer2: I am Grimer2: not Grimer2: here Grimer2: to deal with u Grimer2: I am not afk Grimer2: if someone Grimer2: is asking Grimer2: for help Grimer2: and u respond Grimer2: in a toxic manner Grimer2: dont expect them Grimer2: to like it Grimer2: I asked Grimer2: for 1 gank Grimer2: and u went toxic Grimer2: thats Grimer2: it Grimer2: U COULD AT LEAST SAY NO SORRY Grimer2: when I died Grimer2: 3rd time Grimer2: it was Grimer2: becaus Grimer2: I was already Grimer2: chatting with u Grimer2: when u flamed on me Grimer2: btw Grimer2: it was Grimer2: because Grimer2: 2 players Grimer2: 2 TEAMMATES Grimer2: STARTED FLAMING ME Grimer2: FOR ASKING FOR HELP Grimer2: AND TOLD ME I AM THE ONE FLAMING Grimer2: THATS WHY End So my problem with that is I don't feel like that's reasonable for a permanent ban. It doesn't say what exactly was the problem but I guess these 2 messages are the cause: When I called them mot********r and then idiot (I guess the bot could catch it but I find it quite weak for a permanent ban so I guess it's just the first one). EDIT: I noticed the logs got censored so I marked the message.
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