This is worthy of a perma ban?

I got a 14 day ban from calling people on my friends list stupid and swearing at them, knowing it was a joke, they didn't even report me, but the enemy team did for "cheating" and I assume flaming as I had three games of chat long from a round 8-10 games, all of which the flame was directed to them and no one else. I then get a perma ban for these logs, bearing in mind I was told to kill myself through out the games, I was hit with the C word and N word, as well as having those team mates inting and refusing to help me, mocking me with emotes and recalls when I die near them, but I can almost guarantee nothing will happen to them, as this game is just a money grab to ban people and give them no support in redeeming themselves, because Riot knows at some point banned players will come back into the game with new accounts, spending more and more money, and yet they still refuse to implement a feature to remove chat all together for people who struggle with small time flame. I have been banned for these pathetic reasons, when I get called evertythig under the sun and get trolled by players and nothing gets done about it. I'm done... Game 1 In-Game iOkUGeorgia: ffs iOkUGeorgia: We're getting pressured bot hard, they're constantly over extending iOkUGeorgia: gj iOkUGeorgia: How many times do we have to be ganked iOkUGeorgia: For someone to start following or counter ganking iOkUGeorgia: You're getting 2v1'd top while we're struggling bot iOkUGeorgia: Who ults? LMFAO iOkUGeorgia: Brand, we just gotta play super safe, we're not gonna get any help iOkUGeorgia: Me and Brand we're smacking them so hard iOkUGeorgia: But you can't visualise and see the advantage iOkUGeorgia: Feed bot? iOkUGeorgia: Three times they have 4 man bot iOkUGeorgia: you've ganked once iOkUGeorgia: summs it up iOkUGeorgia: Will do :) iOkUGeorgia: Are you just gonna baby sit bot all game iOkUGeorgia: Is it going to be one of those lmfao iOkUGeorgia: 40 cs Pant top iOkUGeorgia: Cray iOkUGeorgia: O O F iOkUGeorgia: This is what happens when your jungler focuses all his time on a feeding top laner rather than an ahead bot lane iOkUGeorgia: Game pretty over iOkUGeorgia: fed top mid and jungle iOkUGeorgia: %%%%%%? iOkUGeorgia: lol iOkUGeorgia: Ty for reoprt iOkUGeorgia: This is exactly what happens when you have a jungler who doesn't understand how to win iOkUGeorgia: We we're ahead iOkUGeorgia: and you're fucising your attention on top iOkUGeorgia: lfao iOkUGeorgia: Lix iOkUGeorgia: Lux* iOkUGeorgia: Stop moaning, you have no deaths because all you've done is stay mid and back when things get tough lmfao iOkUGeorgia: Kayn iOkUGeorgia: You threw iOkUGeorgia: We was winning bot iOkUGeorgia: And you focus a feeding pant top iOkUGeorgia: I was 2 kills ahead iOkUGeorgia: I was 2/0/0 with 20 cs lead and a tower iOkUGeorgia: I got first tower you melt loool iOkUGeorgia: Whatever makes you sleep though bless you iOkUGeorgia: You'll never improve iOkUGeorgia: Exactly what I mean iOkUGeorgia: Kata is behind us and you tunnel vision a drag lool iOkUGeorgia: We're both better than you iOkUGeorgia: ? iOkUGeorgia: How delusional iOkUGeorgia: Hehe iOkUGeorgia: 1/5/1 iOkUGeorgia: ? iOkUGeorgia: 1/5/1? iOkUGeorgia: Off tank pantheon top vs adc iOkUGeorgia: I won my lane, can you say the same? O O F iOkUGeorgia: What a useless champ lmfao iOkUGeorgia: Flame? iOkUGeorgia: Lux called me %%%%%%ed iOkUGeorgia: S iOkUGeorgia: So did you iOkUGeorgia: Its fine, brand and me are the only ones who aren't toxic iOkUGeorgia: Just three premades who can't face the facts they threw for us iOkUGeorgia: Wow, you're really that stupid iOkUGeorgia: lol iOkUGeorgia: It's just funny iOkUGeorgia: they throw the game, then blame the only players who have done anything iOkUGeorgia: This is what happens when you don't listen to your team mates iOkUGeorgia: Stop feeding no? iOkUGeorgia: 1/6/3 loool iOkUGeorgia: two items 26 mins in iOkUGeorgia: You have two less deaths than me and im an adc iOkUGeorgia: With no mobility iOkUGeorgia: Wow, look at all the damage Panth does iOkUGeorgia: Oh wait iOkUGeorgia: there is none iOkUGeorgia: gg Post-Game iOkUGeorgia: Hard flame? Game 2 Pre-Game iOkUGeorgia: Which adc iOkUGeorgia: Hmm iOkUGeorgia: Maybe Ez? iOkUGeorgia: wtf is their team comp In-Game iOkUGeorgia: No smite red steal ahahaha iOkUGeorgia: Sylas with red is good iOkUGeorgia: LOOOL iOkUGeorgia: Lee iOkUGeorgia: No flash or heal bot iOkUGeorgia: And they have no wards iOkUGeorgia: listen to pings please, free kills iOkUGeorgia: Sigh... iOkUGeorgia: Shaco AP damage on level 1 box is stupid iOkUGeorgia: Meh, I got a kill iOkUGeorgia: Just need to be careful, we need to poke and then fight iOkUGeorgia: Their botlane is all about burst damage iOkUGeorgia: So we just out sustain them with klepto and we're laughing iOkUGeorgia: Get red ward asap iOkUGeorgia: Are you joking me? iOkUGeorgia: Use your brain iOkUGeorgia: Calls me a noob after running into two traps and dying looool iOkUGeorgia: You don't have any map awareness at all iOkUGeorgia: You gank for the first time 10 mins in, and int looool iOkUGeorgia: np Thresh, we have no jungler iOkUGeorgia: Just gotta be smarter about everything iOkUGeorgia: Bro iOkUGeorgia: you need to get red ward iOkUGeorgia: ?? iOkUGeorgia: She legit just gave you a tower lool iOkUGeorgia: Once we get past early game, Shaco is nothing iOkUGeorgia: gj iOkUGeorgia: Guys iOkUGeorgia: wtf are we doing three top? iOkUGeorgia: nice nice iOkUGeorgia: I died to Diana ignite, so guess karma is even now iOkUGeorgia: gg iOkUGeorgia: I need peel iOkUGeorgia: Lee don't do that again... iOkUGeorgia: Pointless iOkUGeorgia: All because Lee wants to dive fountain :/ iOkUGeorgia: WHOS GONNA DEFEND??????? iOkUGeorgia: ... iOkUGeorgia: Stop pinging me ffs iOkUGeorgia: Are you okay? iOkUGeorgia: Baron? iOkUGeorgia: Nasus? iOkUGeorgia: Doesn't matter iOkUGeorgia: We group and get aced iOkUGeorgia: then what? iOkUGeorgia: You only got that because three of them jumped on me mId AHHAAH iOkUGeorgia: You're not even looking at the map iOkUGeorgia: Me and Thresh 3v2 mid, so of course you've got pressure on top inhib, thats called split pushing lmfao iOkUGeorgia: See? :) iOkUGeorgia: I just recalled iOkUGeorgia: I was on 200 hp you doughnut iOkUGeorgia: You only got top tower because of my fight mid iOkUGeorgia: Keep pinging and ill go afk iOkUGeorgia: Give them the free game iOkUGeorgia: You child iOkUGeorgia: No its me and thresh actually iOkUGeorgia: You couldn't of sieged without me and Thresh putting mid pressure on iOkUGeorgia: Do you lick windows? iOkUGeorgia: Because you act like you do iOkUGeorgia: Knew it iOkUGeorgia: You love moaning more than you enjoy coming bot to do %%%% all but take my farm :) iOkUGeorgia: Afk bot farming? iOkUGeorgia: interesting iOkUGeorgia: Report me for AFK PLEASE iOkUGeorgia: Once again iOkUGeorgia: I just backed to buy items and they want me in your base KAPPA iOkUGeorgia: There you go iOkUGeorgia: Stop blaming me because you guys have no eyes iOkUGeorgia: And we took both bot towers in 10? iOkUGeorgia: Your point? iOkUGeorgia: You took both of them iOkUGeorgia: Actually iOkUGeorgia: lol iOkUGeorgia: But they was because of us iOkUGeorgia: Like I said iOkUGeorgia: you're welcome iOkUGeorgia: gg wp iOkUGeorgia: toic team Post-Game iOkUGeorgia: Such a toxic team iOkUGeorgia: Such a shame iOkUGeorgia: All want to moan at me but then its sudden silence when I carry the TFs iOkUGeorgia: Thresh wp buddy iOkUGeorgia: 13/4/8 & 4/6/16 iOkUGeorgia: "such a bad bot" iOkUGeorgia: Most damage in the game iOkUGeorgia: Or maybe iOkUGeorgia: You should learn how to split push iOkUGeorgia: ? iOkUGeorgia: Weird that
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