Some toxic behaviour is just unacceptable . . .

So I just finished this game and honestly I am extremely frustrated. Lets begin with a common situation to all of us . . . playing a ranked game losing until 25 minute but then the cards change and you turn the game around and win at the end. So far so good. But there are these two guys who lost the game and started being toxic with their teammate. I do not care that much about toxic people and their "jokes" , I get it its frustrating and sometimes you get angry, after all it is a game and like every other game - everyone likes winning more than just playing for fun (no matter whatever they say the game is about winning not only having fun). However, some words just go too far. I do not get so overwhelmed about the casual "report the noob" , "you are zero and useless" kind of thing, but involving diseases, death and families is just too far. I attach the following snapshot and I DO ENCOURAGE A PERMANENT PUNISHMENT for players like this who in simple words wish somebody to die from cancer or else ! **[images removed due to Naming & Shaming]**
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