Rankeds in diamonIV

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League of legends around Diamond IV is unplayable. In this seaons I've met more afks, rq and trolls than in every other season. People donesn't care about rankeds anymore, they play on autopilot for most of their games. And when you see in your game, a diamond 4 player that is hardstuck with 1000 games, you know you are f*****. Also there's something wrong with matchmaking system. Who thought that forcing people to 50% winratio and ending every winstreak with losestreak ( so their winratio will be balanced as all things should be) was good idea ? I have played this game since season 3. I love league of legends, its one of games with the biggest influence on my life, and I simply can't stand playing and watching how it becomes the most toxic and unfun to play game on market.
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