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Hi everyone. Since I think that the permaban is not fair because people invests a lot of money in that game and supports you a lot, I would like to write that post about few ideas that I had. I've read a post about the ban system in which people said that Riot tried in so many ways not to permaban people from the game but the players keep being toxic in different ways. Well I want to start saying that even 1 year ban is a lot for a player and a permaban should not be needed. Right u got few warning before it happens (chat restricted and 14 days), but what about just keep banning that player if he keeps being toxic? Banning them for 1 month few times and then go with 2 months or more should be a good solution. Doing things like that allows the player to decide if he wants to keep playing or be banned forever. Also for the people who talks about being toxic in different ways you should split the punishment: chat restricted if he flames (can be checked with the bot), 1 month (indicative) ban if he ints or even not being able to ping if he spams them to harrass players (or allow him to ping just once instead of 6). Let's be honest, pings in soloq are mostly used to flame and harrass someone when he misplays. These were my thoughts about the ban system and I don't know if rioters will notice it (also I don't know if this can be considered part of the gameplay section). I just think that toxicity is heavy in this community and it is not managed that well (still in my opinion). Thank you for reading if you did and sorry for the any english mistakes, hope you could understand. Also I would really like to know more about that and get an answer from a rioter. {{summoner:30}} P.S. Also being able to fully disable the chat can be a nice idea for impulsive/toxic players, if you know what I mean. {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:14}} EDIT: I posted it again because I didn't notice that section (The post in champions and gameplay has been deleted to respect the rules that are worth being respected). Please don't refer to the game rules, I would like to discuss about that and not just about the decision that riot has taken after the tests that the company made with the ban system. Remember that rules may change and that they probably did it in the past, considering that they didn't use to permaban players. EDIT: To all the people saying that the permanent ban is ok because you want to toxic players out. I would like to make you notice that the community is still toxic. Isn't it because the system is not that good? What did permaban change? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing. If you give a candy to a kid but then you take it back and even eat it, it will be way more mad at you than before. Think about it.
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