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Hi. To start out with, this is not a rant about how all LoL players are so toxic, and in every game i have feeders and trollers and so on. It's not like that. I do however find it strange, that there is an increase in players who tilt very hard, very early in the game. In my latest 6 matches, as you can see below, there have been people from my team every game who have flamed hard, and tilted hard. I am not talking about a "%%%% you %%%%%%" here and there, that is normal, and not something that is special to lol. (In real life sports there can also be people who get mad in the heat of battle, and say something they don't mean.) I am talking about people who 3 min into the game says stuff like "Well our jungle is refugee-crap who has so low IQ he can't even auto attack. %%%% you %%%% and open mid.". To give some examples. My last game i had Lee Sin and Viktor. 5 min into the game, Lee Sin gets invaded and dies. He gets really tilted by this, and quickly dies again. Viktor then starts to flame him. And even though we are 3 man who tries to calm them down, soon they have "flamed" each other up so hard, that they both just stand in jungle and mid, and spams chat at each other. In another game, i was with a Tristana in bot. I died to a gank early, and she went top for the rest of the game. These are not something you should see in your average game. This is a deep tilt that has been going on since the start of Season 9. Now I KNOW that it can't just be because lol has become more toxic. I refuse to believe that. But i do not understand this recent change in behavior and how easy people tilt. If you have the time to go into my profile and check my games, you can also see that me and my team actually do good most games, which makes it even more annoying when 1, 2 or even 3 people decide to "make the other idiots loose". Sry if this seemed like a rant, i tried to not make it that. But since i myself am a bit tilted, i do not know if i avoided it completely ;) Have a great day.
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