Your jungler gets autofilled and you are given a choice. What do you do? _You queue up for ranked. A match is found, so you join. The first thing you can read in the chat is "I haven't played jungle in 3 years. Can mid or top switch?". What do you do?_ 1. _I actually got autofilled too and I main jungle, so I agree without a second thought._ 2. _I have some experience in the jungle, so for the best of the team, I switch with the other player._ 3. _I refuse as I also have next to no experience in the jungle myself._ 4. _I refuse and the moment the autofillled jungler makes a single mistake I will unrelentingly flame him for the remainder of the game and continue mindless sperging way into the post-game lobby to prove him he should uninstall the game._ --- I'm not even mad, but I almost fell off my chair laughing when I was blamed for a call I didn't even make. Past a certain point they so wanted me to be wrong, their brains completely shut off and any mistake anybody ever made during that match became mine. ######PS. Yes, I do realize the poll shows how dyslexic I actually am. Can't edit it anymore.
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