Why i think honor shouldn't be linked to ranked rewards and what Riot could do instead.

This post isn't going to be me being toxic, or asking to please give me rewards becasue I'm honor 0 (I'm actually honor 2 and almost lvl 3). This is going to be a post about why i think honor shouldn't be tied to ranked rewards and what Riot could do instead to punish badly behaved players. First of all, I honestly don't think that being less than honor lvl 2 should not allow to get ranked rewards. Ranked rewards should reflect on your skill and the effort you have put into ranked. Not your behavior in game. This would be, in my opinion, pretty unfair for a master/challnger player that has put a lot of effort, time and dedication into ranked but won't end up getting that juicy high rank border or sexy victorious skin because he maybe,he had a few bad games earlier on this season, which caused him to be toxic and get honor 0. Now he might have ruined a game or maybe anoyed or harrased a player. But the issue here is thta it takes months to get back to honor 2. I remember being honor 0 myself, and getting honor 2 after like 4 months (to be fair i wan't playing very much) So if this happens at the end of the season, it's pretty much doomed for getting rewards. To me, ranked rewards should reflect your skill, your dedication to ranked and not your behavior. It's like if you have a test in math but you get a bad grade because you got caught multiple times talking to your class mate while the teacher is speaking. The grade you get is based on the perfomrance in your test. Not your behavior! (sorry if this is a bad comparisson, but that's all i had lol) To fix this issue, Riot could do a few things to make it seem "more fair" -First of all, they could make ranekd rewards only obtainable if honor 1 or more, and not 0. This would make it more fair for players hnor 1 who were able to climb out of honor 0. -Make certain rewards unavailable. So that if you are honor 0 you get nothing, or maybe just an icon. If you are honor 1, you just get icon and border. And for honor 4-5 players, they could obtain maybe an orbe or an extra icon (i know they have wards and border flairs but still) Imagine that riot end up doing this. The problem would be how to punish the toxic players that are honor 0 or 1. Riot could, like in Overwatch, reduce the amount of exp gained in games, the amount of capsules earned (so maybe 1 every 2-3 levels) and reduce the amount of IP you can get from them. or remove them completely until the player is honor 2. RIot could also add new rewards in place for honor 2/3/4/5 players without adding rewards for honor 0 or 1 players. This would make it more fair for high honor players that are making an effort to be nice in game. I honestly don't know why i decided to write ths, but I've been thinking about this topic for a while so i decided to make this post. Remember that I'm not complaining about the current system, I'm just suggesting things Riot could do to make it seem more fair and improve the honor system. If you have any suggestions yourself or have any critics, please let me know. This is also the first "long" post I have ever written. So i hope it isn't too messy. Thanks for reading.
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