So, great to know that Riot ban people's accounts for other people flaming them. It's great. Game 1 ABeautifulDuwang: Same reason you locked teemo ABeautifulDuwang: OH MY GOD ABeautifulDuwang: SURE HE ISNT ABeautifulDuwang: THATS WHY YOUR AGAINST YAS ABeautifulDuwang: WELL DONE TEEMO, YOU %%%%ED YOURSELF OVER ABeautifulDuwang: And you locked Teemo with tp? ABeautifulDuwang: Whats your point? ABeautifulDuwang: Anyone can play ANYWHERE ABeautifulDuwang: Teemo, I've played much longer than you. I KNOW how to fight lanes ABeautifulDuwang: S1? ABeautifulDuwang: Good to know Im playing with a literal child. ABeautifulDuwang: Blame me and see what happens. ABeautifulDuwang: Dont then ABeautifulDuwang: Teemo made me top ABeautifulDuwang: Blame him ABeautifulDuwang: Guys, report teemo. Ragequit. ABeautifulDuwang: First he steals my lane, then flames me, then rages ABeautifulDuwang: And you dont? ABeautifulDuwang: Sure you are ABeautifulDuwang: Bass? ABeautifulDuwang: All about dat bass? ABeautifulDuwang: Go get them rambo ABeautifulDuwang: That why Im 2-0? ABeautifulDuwang: You ran at them ABeautifulDuwang: Ye ABeautifulDuwang: That was my bad ABeautifulDuwang: How about both of you stay out of my lane, and stop telling me what to do? ABeautifulDuwang: Guys, can you also report taric and Yas for constant flame? ABeautifulDuwang: Apparently I'm useless ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks man. There's no need for toxic people ABeautifulDuwang: 2-1 vs 2 people ABeautifulDuwang: Just keep tlaking dude :) ABeautifulDuwang: Just keep talking mate :) ABeautifulDuwang: Keep talking :) ABeautifulDuwang: You will :) ABeautifulDuwang: Oh, he is. ABeautifulDuwang: "GUYS FOLLOW ME, ILL CARRY" ABeautifulDuwang: Just play the game, ffs ABeautifulDuwang: I'm so glad that our Yas INSISTS on flaming me for his and teemo's mistakes ABeautifulDuwang: Nice teamplay ABeautifulDuwang: Oh wait ABeautifulDuwang: And i;m not cancerous ABeautifulDuwang: Actually, teemo told me to top ABeautifulDuwang: Then he went afk ABeautifulDuwang: Yknow what the best thing is? ABeautifulDuwang: Yas said he'd carry ABeautifulDuwang: EXACTLY ABeautifulDuwang: Why, whill the Cod police arrest me? ABeautifulDuwang: Him, teemo and Taric are just pure toxic ABeautifulDuwang: Yup ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp ABeautifulDuwang: Report teemo, Yas and Taric please. No need for that amount of toxicity Game 2 ABeautifulDuwang: glhf e'rryone ABeautifulDuwang: ye ABeautifulDuwang: Help's nice ABeautifulDuwang: CHEW THEIR BUMS ABeautifulDuwang: Chew, baka~ ABeautifulDuwang: noty ABeautifulDuwang: Morg, I'll gank as soon as I can mate ABeautifulDuwang: gj ABeautifulDuwang: Uh, morg? ABeautifulDuwang: Couldve helped me ._. ABeautifulDuwang: Then im not helping you ABeautifulDuwang: Glad to see I get help nowhere ABeautifulDuwang: WHAT DID YOU WANT ME TO GANK FROM? SPACE? ABeautifulDuwang: You mean in the path of elise? ABeautifulDuwang: Christ, is it so much to ask for a bit of %%%%ing map awareness? ABeautifulDuwang: Nope ABeautifulDuwang: K, reported for flame ABeautifulDuwang: Did I say I was? ABeautifulDuwang: Actually, I do. Calling me useless and feeding, and report calling is toxic ABeautifulDuwang: I'm in love with toxic matches ABeautifulDuwang: I've died 3 times ABeautifulDuwang: I'm not even close to raging ABeautifulDuwang: And I've done more than you ABeautifulDuwang: And apparently I'M the toxic one ABeautifulDuwang: BEST ABeautifulDuwang: BUILD ABeautifulDuwang: Cait, take red ABeautifulDuwang: Nvm, take blue ABeautifulDuwang: Mute ABeautifulDuwang: We're reporting morg, right? ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp ABeautifulDuwang: Report morg please. Constant flame ABeautifulDuwang: We need to group up ABeautifulDuwang: It might be ABeautifulDuwang: Nah dude, Ii'd say your more like Gohan ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp Game 3 ABeautifulDuwang: Nida, your abilities mark peeps when your in your cat form Change to your cat and you get more dmg ABeautifulDuwang: Sona? ABeautifulDuwang: Why'd you take that, bud? ABeautifulDuwang: Thanks Sona .-. ABeautifulDuwang: WITH NO MANA ABeautifulDuwang: OK THEN DUDE ABeautifulDuwang: Maybe focus the adc instead of their tank? ABeautifulDuwang: Yknow, the adc who has 3-0 THANKS TO YOU ABeautifulDuwang: And again ABeautifulDuwang: Sona, wake the %%%% up dude ABeautifulDuwang: FOCUS ABeautifulDuwang: THE ABeautifulDuwang: ADC ABeautifulDuwang: tTHANKS FOR THE HELP IN BOT GUYS ABeautifulDuwang: Sona reported ABeautifulDuwang: Stop taking my kills dude ._. ABeautifulDuwang: Because who gcares? ABeautifulDuwang: Sona's stolen ALL my kills ABeautifulDuwang: Bot's lost ABeautifulDuwang: Nobody else ABeautifulDuwang: helps* ABeautifulDuwang: who cares anymore? ABeautifulDuwang: Look at that ABeautifulDuwang: sona doesnt even try ABeautifulDuwang: Screw this, I'm going top ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp ABeautifulDuwang: Report sona for trolling please. ABeautifulDuwang: Why report me? ABeautifulDuwang: Dude, sona stole all my kills. ABeautifulDuwang: I have 6 assists ABeautifulDuwang: Look at my other games as MF and you'll see ABeautifulDuwang: I suck? Is that why you focus BRUAM ABeautifulDuwang: I never said I didn't, but trying atleast is worth something. Not playing like a tool ABeautifulDuwang: Listen, sorry ABeautifulDuwang: I had a bad match, alright ABeautifulDuwang: I got pissed that you focused the wrong person ABeautifulDuwang: ggwp ABeautifulDuwang: We tried. Little bit of context here; Game 1 was with an extremely toxic team. Our teemo, who is an actual child. I don't mean that as in an insult, as in, he's still in school, left about 10 minutes in due to rage. The remaining members, a Yasuo, Taric, Ashe and I, remained. Yasuo and Taric started to flame me, calling me useless and that I should just kill myself. Most of that chatlog is me talking to the enemy top laners, Vlad and Sion, who agreed that our Yasuo should be banned for his flame. Game 2 was another game where others flamed me, because apparently everything in that match was my fault, as usual. And finally, Game 3, where I'll admit, I was heated during the game, where me, the adc, had all my kills taken my a troll sona, who thought it'd be fun to get her pre-mades to flame me. As you can see, I felt bad, so I apologized to them all. Apparently, apologising to a toxic team, saying that someone is more Gohan than Goku and being told to kill yourself by a weeb is considered toxic. I'm posting this to show that Riot's suspension system is %%%%ed, will always be %%%%ed, and has been %%%%ed since 2014. Probably not going to get my account back, but y'know what? if that's the state of the community AND company? I don't wanna be part of it.

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