Why does Draft keep getting unavailable sometimes?

When I log into league I usually don't see draft listed in the gamemodes and I have to go play normal. I don't play ranked rn because I don't feel ready due to my losing streak lately so I'm sticking with normal until I feel that I am good enough. I don't really like blind pick because I mean it's literally messed up every game. This doesn't happen all the time but there are sometimes people who instalock their lanes and then I have to take it for the team and go the lanes the instalockers didn't want to take which I do not enjoy at all. Even during the games the team starts to fight each other and trash talk. They blame each other for doing that which is the reason why we're losing and it mostly often drags me into the fight and we in the end lose the game and they call out the other team to report their own team and so. Blind Pick is messed up.
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