Why do people give up so easily?

Haven't played League in a few years (though played the occasional 2-3 games every 1,5 year or so with friends) because the game wasn't fun for me anymore. I got back to it the last few days after my friends told me 'LoL has changed, it's not as toxic as it used to be'. I played some games on summoners rift in a 4- or 3-man team, so there were always 1 or 2 randoms and almost every single game ended up being toxic due to one of those two. If a game isn't even going bad but they see something they don't like, they just start complaining (to put it in a nice way) and giving up. And no, me and my friends don't really communicate to other players outside of pinging and the other necessary stuff, so there's no provoking in play. Sad to see that after all these years the overall mentality of players has gotten even worse. If a game doesn't go well within the first 10 minutes people just give up and don't want to invest 20+ more minutes in it. Maybe we've just had bad luck with teammates but if this is the usual experienced I can't be bothered to play any more.
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