Playing on Eune server

Playing on this server has always been tough but since the preseason it became unbareble. I really don't know what is happening but in every game I played there was at least one or two players that either flame, curse or troll. There were always those players but not in this amount, not even close. I didn't had a normal game for weeks. I started thinking it might be cause of me so i tried everything: playing my best cham, playing my worst, being nice, being rude, telling them to stop trolling, trolling with them... Nothing works. Even when i win I leave game so stressed it doesn't feel like victory at all. You might think i'm some bronze player and say "It's bronze, it's like that" but i'm actuelly gold player (barely) and there's no difference. And the rank doesn't matter anyway cause normals are the same. The reasons why these playes go troll are ridiculous. One trolled cause he died in 2nd minute and blamed jungler for not heping him. Vayne with whom I played a few days ago started trolling cause i put my shield on jungler instead of her. The atmosphere in games is unbarable and i exit client so mad that i stay in bad mood for hours. I think this is a great game but the community is so bad that all those good players will start leaving. The only reason i'm still playing is that LoL is pretty much the only game my comp can handle. I really don't know why i wrote this. Probably as a stress relief. I just wanted everyone to know how bad does it feel to play. I don't know if other servers are any better but this one is terrable. PS: If anyone actuelly read this and knows some games with same system req as LoL, feel free to write them down.
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