Flaming and untiling/ranked rewards

Hey everyone. I legit dont know were to place this thread as it can be considered both player behaviour and new player help. Sorry to the forum mods if this is placed in the wrong part. I finished my provisionals and ended up with Silver 4. I know it may not be that impressive as its still below the 50% of al players treshhold but I am actually really happy with this considering the fact that I started playing maybe 4-5 months ago and never played moba's before that. Anyway on to my question. From my understanding people get rewards based on their ranking at the end of the season so I had a couple of questions about that. Do I have to have any type of LP or is 0 LP enough to get the rewards? (I'd pefer to practice more in draft mode so I dont have to deal with the pressure that can come with ranked games but do want the rewards) When is the end of the season exactly? What rewards are there to be gained? I also had a question regarding sending in player reports; Example; today I played with an Yi that before 5 minutes in the game as Siver and Janna against Sona and Draven and this Yi just randomly starts flaming our ADC because of her farm sucking a little since we were getting pushed in. It was actually really bad (especially since it started tilting out mid aswell who then started flaming Siver and Yi), untill I told Siver to mute Yi and try to focus on the game, which actually worked out really well for a while in terms of untilting Siver. Yi then kinda stopped and gave a little advice here and there, so I figured I wouldnt report him, but then the game ended and he started flaming our toplaner. Do you send in an report in that case or let it slide in hopes they change their ways? Cause I didnt actually expect him to stop with the flaming but he kept pretty quiet and here and there somewhat helpfull (untill the game ended anyway). Reason why I ask is because I want my reports to be taken seriously instead of having the person that reviews them go ''here we go again with the reporting'' Hope someone can point me in the right direction when it comes to the ranked stuff, also. Any advice for an trainee support main is welcome!
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