Fix your got damn client please

So I was just happy playing some League(being salty cause last game our jungler left after 3 min nice game) when suddenly in my last promo match I get the warning trying to reconnect in the champ select lobby my duo tells me the game started anyway so I tough sure just a strange bugg I just restart and join the game before the the 3 min mark but when I try to login into the client I get Authenticating… and it wont stop I just cant login so the match is remake and I get a loss losing my promo . Like I think its really %%%%ing nice when you piss on the players like this dont even bother testing your damn client Before shipping it and yes this is not the first time I had some problems with this shit ass client and wont be the last cause riot higher ups dont give a damn about player experince they just want to shit out as many damn skins as they can to milk this game until its as dead as WoW Fyi yes I checked my pc and my internet Connection but they are all perfect every time so this time I am just so piss off cause I realize damn this is like the 1000 time I check my pc and internet for problems just to find nothing FIX YOUR CLIENT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANYMORE SKINS TY
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