Getting banned for a single normal game where I lagged

LOL I lagged and fed hard a single game on normal blind pick and UI get banend for a single game. Not even ranked a single fkin game and ban. So fair right. I see inters every second ranked game and nothing but RIOT defends this normal blind pick players RIGHT. I jsut bought Kayn I needed this quick XP so now reason not to ona normal game thta ahs no consequences not only that but I wasnt inting the whole time there was the mid game where i helped secure a few kills and killed some enemies. Ive seen youtubers and streamers feed dozens of games even my friends on multiple games and they dont get punished and it wasnt event hat abd the score and the intng. How RIOT A NORMAL GAME HAS MORE WEIGHT THAN A RANKED 2 WEEKS BAN. At least make it an hour like the other games would. How woul this be. I was collecting xp and ble essence for KYAN FOR 20 DAYS I JUST BUY IT AND BAN. NOW I WONT EVEN USE THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE. THIS IS JSUT SNIPING RIGHT WHEN I BUY THWE CHAMOP FOR A SINGLE GAME IS MY ACCOUNT TARGETED OR SMTHING.WTF IS THIS RIOT I BEG U TO UNBAN IT OR AT LEAST MAKE THE BAN MORE FAIR LIKE 1 HOUR 1 DAY EVEN BUT A MONTH IS INSANE FOR A SINGLE GAME ON NORMAL BLIND PICK WITH 200 MS.
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