Reduced LP loss for the teammates, when a player AFK

My last 2 games were really annoing because in the both games i had lvl1 AFK in my team and I lost 30LP in total. Could I change anything to save those 30LP? Probably no, and there is the problem - **I get punnished by Riot, because someone chosen by Riot disconnects** or decides to troll! Where is **mine/my team's** fault here? I think everyone should feel like writing "gg" in the post-game lobby. I am trying to make Solo/Duo queue more enjoyable experience for everyone, not just me. So I have this suggestion: ** I think Riot should make reduced LP loss for the teammates when a player is more that 50%(or a percentige that Riot decides) afk in game.** EDIT: Because of many conserns for abuse, try to understand this: If the game with AFK is able to sustain it self for a 20 minutes (or more) after the DC, then the AFK player had left in a time, where the game is not decided yet. If you try to abuse, you are puting your self in a great risk - losing your teams win. And if you DC 1 minute before the game finishes, I suggest LP calulation to be as it is right now, on top of the penalty for the DC. EDIT: Read the comments for more info, I try to answer all of them.
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