Need Riot Help - Player Causing Disconnection?

I would contact Riot Support directly, but I can't contact it for some reason, the site keeps logging me off everytime I try to login. So one of the weirdest thing just happened to me in a ranked game. My Internet connection is perfectly fine, I played a couple of games and everything was smooth. So I launch this game, I'm playing Lulu, everything looks normal as earlier. Except that at 00:40 one player writes "bye Lulu, I want remake sorry" and one second later I got 500 ms and Attempting to reconnect. I tried to use my mobile phone as hotspot but couldn't make it on time. Guess what, my Internet connection came back after 3 minutes and 50 seconds. I resulted as a Leaver and lost 19 LP. Here the screenshot: Is that even possible? I'm not familiar with ddos and stuff like that so I don't know if one single person can disrupt another person's connection. What I know is that my Internet stopped working for that time frame while all leds on my router were on, like they are when the connection is working fine. After the incident, I added this particular player trying to get some explanation from him. This is what I get in response. _Edit:_ This is a fake message probably to scare me because I dared to ask questions about what happened in game, but I'm posting it to underline his weird behaviour i also checked his and also his next game was a remake. I hope a Rioter reads this and can help me. It annoys me a lot becuase I never left a game on purpose and I don't want to be labeled as a leaver. _Edit 1:_ I'm editing the post to add that this player sent a Gyazo link during champ select claiming it was a screenshot of his account. Like a complete idiot, I opened it but the link wasn't working. If this is a dos, this is probably how he got my IP address. **So my advice now it is to not open any link a random player sends you!** _Edit 2:_ So one of the _victims_ accepted my friend request and he said it happened the same thing to him: the guy sent a gyazo link, he opened it and he got dc in the game causing a Remake for them and a loss for I asked him to write his experience on this thread and he said he will but meanwhile I just wanted to warn you to **NOT click on any link** some random people sends you, even if it looks like a screenshot. I also googled and it turns out you can easily get IP address from links. I feel so stupid now ._. _Edit 3:_ I talked to another person from one of the remake games and he told me he had issues with his internet provider so I guess this one was legit.
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