From Bronze to Platinum

Just wanted to share my joy over getting into platinum league. I've been playing this game since season 3 - went into ranked right after lvling up to 30, I managed to get lucky on placements. And landed in silver 3. promptly dropped to silver 5 cause I had little knowledge about the game. Then at soft reset of season 4 dropped to bronze 4. Worked my way back to silver, climbed to gold, lost a lot in gold 5. Soft reset of season 5 back to silver, climbed to gold again and yesterday managed to open the platinum door. Just keep playing the game, learn 1 or 2 champion that you're good at (I've over 360 games on {{champion:143}} this season) and try to have fun, if you concentrate too hard on just climbing you'll most likely tilt and will throw those promos that are coming. Don't flame. Having arguments in chat will most likely be the main reason for your loss. I had my 70 game chat restriction for talking negatively. But I learned from it, corrected on it and trying my best not to say anything negative anymore. Keep on trucking guys! ELO hell does not exist. Learning the game, improving your mechanics and staying positive will get you out of any ELO. I know, cause I've been in bronze 4 just 1 season ago.
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