Riot doesn't care anymore

League of legends isn't playable anymore. People are openly inting in ranked games and riot does nothing about it. People are flaming and wishing you death (or worse), you report them, and there is no message about them being banned. Poeple flame you in game and when you respond to them or try to have a conversation using arguments you are the one getting banned. Very disappointed because I have been playing since season 2 and to see this game at this very low state is saddening. I am strongly considering giving up on the game and encouraging my friends to do the same as they are having a hard time trying to enjoy this mess. The banning system is unfair. The champions are unbalanced. The matchmaking is a joke. The client is rubbish and breaks every day. I understand the game isn't in its prime anymore and now it's just about milking as much money as you can before the game dies but it is very upsetting. Strongly disappointed. Today I was playing Nunu in the jungle and my bot lane was losing very hard. They died 2 vs 2 three times before 10 minutes. I only ganked them once and they had no dmg to make it a successful play so I decided to camp top. The bot lane was flaming me and the mid lane was flaming me because '0 ganks and 0 drakes' When I tried to explain to the mid laner who was flaming me the most that you need bot lane pressure and mid lane pressure to call a drake because I can't contest it 1 vs 4 and while bot is inting and mid is unskilled (enemy katarina was outroaming and outplaying hard) My team wouldn't listen and kept flaming me so I started arguing to explain why they are wrong. After the game I received a 14 day ban. Few weeks ago I reported a person who told me he would r*pe my sister, slit my mother's throat and kill me. I never received a message of that person being banned. The report/ban system is a complete joke and you will see more players leaving the game because of the developers/rioters not being competent at doing their job. All about the money {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}} {{item:2319}}
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