Shamed on some Players from Germany

I don't understand whats wrong with some players from Germany. They always insult other players with German, like no one can read that language or using their own language makes their bad wards look good? I have played LOL in EUW for almost 4 years. Trash talk or insult is usually in game, but i found most of them are from German players. They all like using German to insult people not English. As for me, i have been insult so many times. German is not my mother language, but i can read. Are they really expecting insult in German and the victims can't understand? Just a few minutes ago, i started a game, in champ selecting a player said my name is stupid. Of course he said in German, and then he asked if i was from Germany. I didn't answer him, then he thought i can't read German, so he spoke more insult words in German. But sadly i can read it. I mean, what was going on? Is my nickname in game really bothered him? Is it really necessary to dodge someone's nickname as stupid in game? If he was truly rude and brainless like this, why he didn't have balls to say it in English?
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