Troll in champion select

It happens everyday but today it was really annoying. We had a good team, ppl wanted to swap roles and everyone agreed with it. Then our last pick said the following in chat. Earthofblood : ban darius or ekko xEL EBOLAx : go where u preff Tooth :) Toothlessliz : ^_^ Toothlessliz : I'll jungle then np **BBC Taylor : sry team BBC Taylor : i need troll** He then picks Yorrick adc with cleanse and ghost, the entire team starts panicing because it was a ranked game. I tell them just report the guy after the game is done. Unlucky someone of my team dodged anyway. Nevertheless I couldn't report the guy anymore, so I decided to make a topic about it. No idea where else I should post it and if it's even worth posting it. Grts
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