i know its old question but i was 10 games chat restricted and..read pls v_v

well i was so happy about ending of season 7 to get rewards becouse i never had them for being new here :3 and now i got chat restrict. i mean its done but i had it, i am not earning any chest or key for hextech.. I would ask how do i improve to get season 7 rewards like summoner icon for division i had.. But i need to ask is it even possible .. Can i do something to get ranked rewards for end of season 6.. ? I was so happy about it and now i am not going to get it.. .. is there any hope for me? please.. its like 1-2 months till the end of season.. and i got that thingy.. i would really like to know how to imrpove and will i get rewards .. is there chance?..{{item:3070}}
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