Why always this toxicity??

What is wrong with people? As someone who's Hardstuck at his Rank i'm mostly playing to improve... but I just watched some VOD's and noticed something that's actually pretty obvious.... While I'm trying to play the game I see people standing around for 2-5 seconds And you know what's even more interesting I even remember what they typed and as you can guess.... It was mostly flame be it a toplaner that went 0/3 because of a hard matchup or the jungler that fail smited people just flame. everyone likes to flame as if it would actually help anyone... Riot why don't you implement a system that sorts People by how much they get reported for their behavior? Like take the reports and make them Impactful. Like i don't care if people flame each other in games. They don't need to get banned from the game since they can get a new lvl 30 account for a few bucks anyway. No ban just a tiny new factor added into the matchmaking..
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