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Hello everybody. I am a League of Legends player for almost 8 years , i have been playing in the top tiers since season 3 and i will admit that i wasnt the most polite person. With 8 perma bans for toxicity on my name some people would think that i shouldnt write about this topic. On the other hand , having played and being banned a lot I really have some things to talk about. To start with , I wanna say the reason im going all through this. Recently i have been banned for 14 days despite of my level 3 honor. It was the first ever punishment on this account. Plus I have been banned for a single game because Im trying to ''reform'' and be polite in games. In this game the only offensive words are : shit and trash both for about 2 times. Words that we use in our every day life for various reasons. The reason I flamed a bit was of a player who was placed support and trollpicked and resisted to go to his lane and took mine. I dont want to analize this more because it doesnt matter. What matters though is that he was extremely toxic. More specifically he wished death uppon my whole my family and cancer to my mother several times. I reported him but 1 week later no report feedback came while i got banned within 4-5 minutes. But lets talk about something else. As I have been banned for so many times I tried to contact with Riot and discussing for every banned account around the ages. They explained me that there is a system that spots offensive words and if you surpass a limit you are getting automatically banned. I tried to understand this. What i dont understand is why this guy still roams free and I am here trying to find answers. So I guess system declares as offensive ''You are shit dude, both as a player and a human being'' and does not '' Shut up idiot, your mother is gonna die of cancer''. Also I remember that there was a sequence on punishments. First some alerts then a 5 game chat ban , a 10 game chat ban , a 25 then the 14 days suspension and finally the perma. Seems that Riot doesnt work like this anymore. I remember in the early years of LoL there was a different report system (i dont really remember it , it was something with Justice). There the reports were analyzed by PEOPLE and not from an automatic system and they judged if the person should be banned or not. They were people and could understand the situation. They show empathy. It was working 1000 times better than this one. Riot and League's problem is this. The toxic community and strict punishments. That is why many people dont play LoL and those who play are just complaining about every patch. It is no the tank meta , it is not the changes. It is because they feel trapped, confined and restricted from having fun. They cannot %%%%% around with people around chat , saying some things with premades and feeling comfortable. A part of having fun and feeling comfortable is using bad language. Seems Riot doesnt know what fun is. All these years are trying to approach the problem (toxicity) from a complete wrong path. Instead of solving the problem from its source ( ban the trolls, ban the afkers, ban the intentional feeders) they trying to solve this with quickies. There is a reason all of us flame sometimes. A healthy community is not the one that doesnt use a single bad word. It's the one that lacks people that disrupt and fluster the calmness of the community. P.S. (1) Since Riot wants us to play specifically by their rules then they should ban people that dont play the role they are put on. P.S. (2) I was banned once because I was chatting with my premade friend about his ex and their recent break up. We both used a bit of bad language towards her face and we both got banned because of a teammate report for other ingame reasons. That shows how *ban me again dont give a shit* %%%%ed up the situation is.
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