People don't seem to understand what toxic means and Riot should explain it & So many toxic players.

So I recently got back to LoL which I am starting to question but so many people I see don't even know what toxic is. For example I have told my team not to focus the tank because he is there to soak up damage and this guy on my team said stop being toxic from the just one phrase I typed in chat entire game. I have seen this everywhere in EUNE server, people don't understand the meaning of toxic maybe because english is not their first language. My advice to Riot is to explain the term toxic to players that do not speak english as a primary language. Toxic means: Harassing other players, verbally abusing them, denying to cooperate and intentionally afk/leaving. ^ is this not a correct definition of toxic? Speaking of toxic the game has a lot of people who would verbally abuse me for no apparent reason, even before the game begins. I suggest Riot should increase the punishment of being toxic. Perhaps: a) 2 week ban for the 1st offense of being toxic b) 1 month ban for 2nd offense of being toxic c) 6 months ban for 3rd d) 1 year ban for 4th e) permanent ban 5th. Usually when I see toxic players I mute them and report them at the end game screen.
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