Can we get Instant feedback notification every time we've reported justified report?! please!

Can we actually get a 'Instant feedback notification' every time our report has been justified?? ! You know, i don't care about 'Player Privacy' i really don't and if you're getting punished often i have some advice for scumbags like you : FOLLOW THE RULES! Anyways, i had this idea because i got matched up with an feeder, a great one, feeds and calls me a %%%%%% every single time i try to chat, of course i reported him thought, but i don't trust riot, he said "you will see :D nothing will happen" and nothing probably did. I WOULD FEEL 100 TIMES BETTER IF I GOT INSTANT FEEDBACK NOTIFICATION FROM SYSTEM, I JUST DONT WANT THESE SCUMS TO PLAY THIS GAME AND RUIN OUR (THE GOOD PLAYERS) FUN.
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