Non-human ban system

Hey guys, so a few months ago I got a 10 game chat suspension for unsportsmanlike behaviour. I totally deserved it since I slipped up after 3 years of good behaviour. It was a wake up call and now I am not only less tilted but I also just enjoy the game more. I really appreciated the system picking up on it so I could improve on myself. Yesterday I went into a normal blind pick game with a full premade team. We were on voice chat on discord. We have a certain type of humor some would find offensive/cringe, jokes about egrill stereotypes, kill yourself jokes, daddy issues jokes etc.. (I can understand if you don't like it, but the friends i was playing with do) So i was playing sivir adc and friend was playing janna support. We were joking about 'egrill ardent slave', killyourself etc.. I sometimes typed things out for a comedic effect. This was my mistake since I did say some offensive things if you didn't know my entire team was premade and on voice. I got reported by someone, no clue why, and now I got a 14-day ban. The chat logs (note it is all in teamchat, with the premades not with the enemy team): Game 1 DutchPro1: ARDENT SLUT DutchPro1: make me a sandwich DutchPro1: back to your kitchen DutchPro1: dishwasher DutchPro1: dw ill buy locket ardent DutchPro1: %%% DutchPro1: sry guys DutchPro1: just u farm janna DutchPro1: ill support u DutchPro1: %%% DutchPro1: <3 DutchPro1: no DutchPro1: janna will come back dw I feel like because of the premade team in a normal game I don't really deserve a 14 day ban. Don't get me wrong I get why the ban system picks this up and bans it. I can't make a support ticket since for Riot chat=chat, they don't care if they are jokes and are premade, they think im actually flaming my team (I would guess). I would like to know what you guys think of this situation, do I deserve the ban and if not if there is any way I could lower this ban. I am most frustrated that I can't play ranked for 14-days, but even more pissed that I can't play tournaments/clash for 2 months (or more, not sure how long it takes to get honor back up. I like to play competitive as a team. Adding to that, the old system of playing tournaments doesn't care about honor level if I can remember correctly, but still 2 weeks without it. Thanks for reading
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