Get banned for playing camille.

Game 1 er1kut1s: lol er1kut1s: thats a luck er1kut1s: VLAD OMG er1kut1s: Omg er1kut1s: U act now like a pro? er1kut1s: :]]] er1kut1s: Question mark :]] er1kut1s: Im first time thsi champ, and believe me, u aint a pro. Keep learning combos bro er1kut1s: She is far away form overpowered. er1kut1s: rly vlad u bad er1kut1s: Report vlad. thanks er1kut1s: Troll er1kut1s: J4 at least does something er1kut1s: Report vlad. WHen i ask to def turret he does nothing. Now he come to farm in my lane. er1kut1s: jayce? er1kut1s: ki stun him er1kut1s: u stand like er1kut1s: whatever er1kut1s: I used to play ryze a lot er1kut1s: I pretty much know what u r going to do er1kut1s: This jayce morron er1kut1s: Why u bring them to me? er1kut1s: I didint flame er1kut1s: all game er1kut1s: At all :D er1kut1s: Yes er1kut1s: He was dead anyway er1kut1s: Why he is er1kut1s: bringing them to me? er1kut1s: :D er1kut1s: You know im not going to jumop er1kut1s: 1v3 er1kut1s: reporrt Jayce for flame er1kut1s: yesh u said go b er1kut1s: and i report u for harass er1kut1s: lul er1kut1s: Ryze why? er1kut1s: I dont understand er1kut1s: I dont understand er1kut1s: Why all flame me? er1kut1s: Cuz i have er1kut1s: new champ or smthng? er1kut1s: Jayce flames me, calls me noob everytime er1kut1s: And report me? er1kut1s: What for? er1kut1s: Vlad er1kut1s: i said that u trolling er1kut1s: u pick vland in jungle er1kut1s: And never helped er1kut1s: noone er1kut1s: Where u see flame? er1kut1s: i INSULT U? er1kut1s: I call u bad words? er1kut1s: Yes er1kut1s: because you feed er1kut1s: And never help team er1kut1s: It is reportable thing er1kut1s: L:D Game 2 er1kut1s: if anyone flames er1kut1s: i /ignore all er1kut1s: dunno who flames on normals er1kut1s: but last 3 games.... er1kut1s: i got reported for saying that vladimir in jugnle er1kut1s: is a troll er1kut1s: yep shaco er1kut1s: i cant do much er1kut1s: so low on clears er1kut1s: see er1kut1s: flame er1kut1s: in nromals er1kut1s: in ranked er1kut1s: everywhere :d er1kut1s: wow er1kut1s: u bad er1kut1s: :]]] er1kut1s: .... er1kut1s: now we two look like morrons er1kut1s: gank and both die... er1kut1s: she is er1kut1s: yes that one er1kut1s: thanks to you bro er1kut1s: dont u remember er1kut1s: ? er1kut1s: u were on phone er1kut1s: what for? er1kut1s: cuz u on the phone er1kut1s: destroy gank er1kut1s: and basicly all gamne er1kut1s: and report me? er1kut1s: just ask lux er1kut1s: if she not on phone er1kut1s: . er1kut1s: sorry er1kut1s: i wont help u er1kut1s: im on the phone er1kut1s: funny lux er1kut1s: isnt it? er1kut1s: i wont help lux er1kut1s: never ever er1kut1s: sry er1kut1s: she trolled me er1kut1s: not solo er1kut1s: u destroyed my game er1kut1s: focus jinx and lux er1kut1s: rly? er1kut1s: what is wrong eith u er1kut1s: lol er1kut1s: you help er1kut1s: get kill er1kut1s: you bad er1kut1s: you wont heklp er1kut1s: u get er1kut1s: report er1kut1s: for not helping er1kut1s: wtf? er1kut1s: ok er1kut1s: jax er1kut1s: i report u for sure now er1kut1s: for troll er1kut1s: u want to play er1kut1s: like this er1kut1s: i will play liek this bro er1kut1s: ;]] er1kut1s: will see ;] er1kut1s: kid er1kut1s: mute and report er1kut1s: U should not play shaco AP er1kut1s: AD much better er1kut1s: Static and your passive er1kut1s: If u at least know your passive at all er1kut1s: Cant win all games... er1kut1s: gg wp I PLAY CAMILLE IN THEESE TWO GAMES. I WANT TO SAY THAT THIOS IS LVL 15-25 GAMES. AND I GET BANNED. CAN I ASK DID I DO ANYTHING OFFENSIVE HERE? ALL TEAM RAGING, FLAMING JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A NEW CHAMP, AND I GET BANNED? IS THAT FOR REAL RIOT>? I get PERMA banned, thank u so much. im leaving this game for ever. i got reported jus for playing new champ. this is... i dunno riot i dunno.............. this is humilating, i spend money you ban me for no reason. good job. i hope sooner or later all will se whats going on here.
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