Was chat restricted for 10 games for calling someone a "moron"

At the moment i'm kind of confused as to whats happening. i have been playing for 1 season and have been chat restricted twice for being actually kind of toxic. but calling someone a moron doesn't seem like the thing that would cause me to get chat restricted for. i'm kind of annoyed because i have been trying to reform to get my rewards back and i was honour 1 checkpoint 2 but because i called someone a moron and hardstuck i get punished for it? i don't understand why i deserve to get my honour taken away from me for calling someone a moron after being told to kill my self and to get cancer. i hope riot fixes their crappy system because i never knew honour was even part of ranked rewards and also that if i "flame" my rewards get instantly taken off me for little to no reason. i have been trying to grind out to honour 2 but because of studies i doubt that i'm going to hit it just because i cant play often after my holidays finish and the fact that my honor is locked for god knows how long due to this restriction. i am also confused on why other people get to keep rewards because they weren't toxic during the season but after their rewards were given they can flame all they want and get to keep their rewards. it makes no sense. i have also noticed that the robot that scans these games pick up on the "toxic" things that you say but one of the things it picked up was "hi" like literally i try to be friendly pre-game greeting my teammates but apparently i can't say that either. im just done... i know that this message won't get me my reward levels back but i just want to know what are the lines that i crossed for calling someone a "moron" and i also want to know what is a bannable offence because i don't seem to understand it very well and i don't think riot do as well.
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