So you think your team/server is toxic? HAH!

I have recently moved from the Netherlands to Turkey. And i've noticed I had a constant ping of 80-150 and every spell I cast was delayed by 1 or 2 seconds. Believe me this is annoying af. So I decided to transfer to Turkey thinking the lagg would decrease. It did. But the community holy f*cking sh*t... You think EUW is toxic? Guess again mate. I was born in the Netherlands but have turkish blood running through my veins so I understand turkish quite well. And believe me guys... I have never, NEVER seen so much vulgar, toxic, cancer-giving players/community in my entire gaming life. I've played online mmorpgs and moba's for 8 years now. Never. Let me give you an example what you experience in every game at least twice of more. I am Rek'sai, jungling. (Main jungle in EUW was Gold 1 on main) which equals like platinum or higher here in Turkey. Anyway, EVERY lane is pinging for help every fuckn lane. So i helped them from top first to mid then to bot, gave top a kill, mid a kill and went bot. Bot by now has called me "son of a bitch/whore" "fckn bad jungler" "fucked my mom" and not to mention spam help pings every 5 to 10 seconds. So, i gank bot. Go on adc force him to heal flash, catch him by flash and knock up get a good 40-50% chunk of health and eventually die. Guess what? our adc was just farming and noticed the gank after i died. (Even though i pinged couple of times before i ganked) So then he flamed and called me by so many vulgar names you cant possibly imagine. Note that EVERY game people ping for the jungler and blame him for losing his lane even though enemy jungler hasnt ganked once. Players have the tendency to blame others. In every region it's quite normal right? Especially bronze/silver. But here in Turkey... it's on a whole new level. It's like even when you are the best in your team. When I was like 16/4 katarina and rest had no or little kills they'd still blame you for the little mistakes you make. Or as i like to say: not being to able carry them. Now I just mute everyone ever game and play. It's like an offline game for me now. No communication and the Turkish servers dont give out chat bans like they do in EUW. Even if you flamed 24/7. If you are planning on moving to Turkish server DON'T! PLAY WITH 4000 PING IF NEEDED BUT DO NOT COME HERE.
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