Bronze dents, diamonds chip

Dear summoner, My story began not that long ago, Early during season 5 I was re-introduced to the game by a friend. I had played Leauge of Legends quite some time ago but decided to stop after repeatedly being flamed. When I was visiting my friend in Germany I saw he had a pluche Tibbers stitting on a shelf in the room. I asked him about it and he told me he was playing this game and he was Diamond. When I played there were no gemstone divisions. I decided to watch him play and was impressed how the game had improved since I last played it. I tried my best to pick the mechenics up again but boy I was rusty. I rushed my placements using my overpowered tier 2 and 1 runes, big mistake. I got placed into bronze 4 after completing a horrible placement run. My friend told me there was no such thing as Elohell but I disagree, I have never seen so much toxicity anywhere online but ED. I disided to try "steroids" to get out of Bronze. I got banned shortly after and started over on a new account. I learned from my past mistakes and did my placements using the right runes, 1200 games later I was still in silver. I began to make a smurf account, this one. I did my placements and got myself into gold right of the bat. I think about those days in bronze every now and than. It was a horrible time but some of the best games ever were in that elo. Simply because bronze players do not understand how to close out games there is always a possibility for a massive comback, even when riven goes 0/16/2. I learned that this game is about more than mechanics, it is mostly mental. If you go into a game with the wrong mindset you are more likely to lose. When you flame others for every mistake they make you are unable to see your own and thus can not improve. When things seem down in elo hell think about the following, you can melt bronze into any shape you like, you can't do that to diamonds. (you can learn a lot more being in a low elo than those set in a meta mindset)
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