Losing confidence

Could really use some advice on my matches...check my euw.op.gg Got a big losing strike since sunday and feeling really dissapointed as I feel like were always winning the lane...only not winning when getting camped and jungler of our team is quite newbie and doesnt do good at all... I'm an alistar main...and feel like in these games where ur mid/top suck so hard...its impossible to win....i try peel my adc...but lets face it how are you able to peel your adc (whose varus/twitch/mf) if they have an irelia with 8/2 and a zed with 6/1? Cant cc them for 10 seconds both.... I feel the tilt coming with every game..taking a break for few minutes....and then I feel ready for next match....thinking if a lane feeds its no reason to abandon game...cuz im in low gold and we can still win cuz they are making mistakes.... But during the game you just feel so useless again... Any advice for a alistar main?
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