when people say im a bad player and i cant climb.....

this is ok then is t riot?? along with this troll and feeder we had a morg saying racial things and disgusting words but thats ok to huh?. https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img921/3008/TW8cO4.png Edit..... Since i posted this i have had four losses in a row because of constant trolls and feeders look at my op.gg i have now gotten demoted because of this after only getting promoted 5 hours ago, so i repeat what the hell is the point in wasting my time climbing if im gonna win one game and lose another 5 im sick to the back teeth of this crap now and fed up of repeating myself. RIOT IF YOUR READING THIS I SERIOUSLY SUGGEST YOU START SORTING THIS OUT MANY PLAYERS ARE GETTING FED UP OF IT AND YOU FIX IT OR YOU WILL LOSE PLAYERS. I have had enough now im not wasting my damn time no more of giving you any more money for stupid skins taht cost you nothing to make sure you do something otherwise you may regret it. So is it????
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