Effectiveness of anti flaming methods

Hey, there are thousands of threads about flamers, but not many tell you how to deal with them, let alone how to do it effectively. I create this thread to discuss methods to prevent or reduce flaming and how effective they are. I'll start with some examples I have used myself: * Muting after the flame. This helps, but by the time you mute you've been flamed already, with all the negative impact it has. Plus, the flamer will keep flaming the rest of your team. * Muting everybody at the beginning: This way you get no flaming at all, but you might also miss important communication. I think it's an improvement overall, but not sure. Using preventive messages. This is what I do currently. The idea is to prevent the flaming by letting know potential flamers that bad things will happen if they flame. The goal, of course, is not to do those things, it's to discourage the flaming. Some examples of the messages I use: * "Message for flamers: I ALWAYS mute you and report you after the match. If you spam pings on me, I'll spam you back for the whole game". This is the one I currently use. * "Hi, I don't like flaming, so I mute every player at the start of the match and spam back when I receive ping spamming. If somebody here never flames, please let me know so I don’t mute you." * The Nexus Ping disease: I just got this idea from [this old thread](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=50535). In that thread the guy uses the Nexus Tag disease. The problem with his idea is that it is essentially the same as feeding, so it can lead to being reported and eventually banned. However, I used the Nexus Tag disease as inspiration to create the Nexus Ping disease. With the Nexus Ping disease you write this message in the pre game lobby: "I have a horrible disease called Nexus Pingitis. Whenever somebody flames I go back to our nexus and spend the rest of the game pinging the flamer. I can't control it. I'm sorry." I haven't tried this one yet. What do you think is most effective? Do you know of other methods? _Post edited to make it a bit more clear_
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