14 Day Suspension for Repeating what an enemy said

First of all I would like to set a few things clear about this because I've seen similar posts. Last time (and first time as far as I can recall) my account was suspended was over 5 years ago. Ever since, I've just kept playing the game normally on and off, and while I am not denying I have never flamed someone in the game over 7+ years of playing, it was never something that I continued on as shown from the lack of punishments on my account. Today, I encountered a toxic player, going afk, flaming everyone etc and at some point where he started dropping some heavy words, I had the following chat history: Game 1 AngryKutu: mid swap? AngryKutu: if you are fine with riven ok AngryKutu: famous last words :) AngryKutu: please report cait fo calling us n***** j** s****** c**** :( AngryKutu: he is drunk, 12, high and doesn't care AngryKutu: dude you literally called him n**** in chat AngryKutu: so you can do whatever you want? AngryKutu: that's not how RL works AngryKutu: that's not how societies work AngryKutu: or you can choose to not be an asshole AngryKutu: because you were being rude AngryKutu: learn how to work in a society AngryKutu: yes AngryKutu: you were rude af AngryKutu: yes you were rude AngryKutu: sure AngryKutu: 45 AngryKutu: you have no idea what respect means AngryKutu: yes but cait is not surrendering AngryKutu: because he is being an asshole AngryKutu: I can only imagine how your duo feels AngryKutu: now you are all being assholes AngryKutu: except kindred AngryKutu: this is why humanity will never conquer the stars AngryKutu: caits redemption arc incoming AngryKutu: the plant killed you AngryKutu: because you carried it with you while it was taunted The offensive words have been censored because they are pointlessly rude for the purposes of this but you can all imagine what they were. I understand what I said in the game, which is definitely not the heaviest thing I've personally said to someone within the bounds of the game, excluding of course the words I repeated which is something I would never stoop to. I have also sent a ticket to get an official response on this but I ask, on someone who literally has not been punished for bad conduct over the span of 4-5 years, is this deserving a 14 day ban?
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