Adcs and supports you hate laning with!

Hi there everyone! this thread is about the nightmare that can sometimes be that shared lane, the bottom of all things.... the things that go on in bot.... some of those things just drive me absolutely crazy at times! Now please do keep in mind im currently gold 5 and can only really talk about my experiences in silver gold and normals! So here it is, as an adc, as a support, which champions do you hate to see played by your laning partner? Now, as I am a fill main, that means 95% of my games are support, and i enjoy playing support, but when i see somebody lock in Corki, Ezreal, Kindred, Jhin, i lose hope in having any potential to carry them as champions like alistar, thresh, braum, leona, now this should be an incredibly easy endeavour, heck i can 1v2 an adc and support as both of those most of the time with them at full hp, but somehow, some way, Corki, Ezreal, kindred and jhin magically just make winning games of league of legends that much harder! Corki, the mythical flying suicide machine: this guy, this inhumane abomination of a yordle, it has the perfect escape, but guess what, its his new initiation at level 2 when hes got no hp, i picture him screaming "IM GOING IN MAN IM GOOOOIINNNNGGGG IN" followed by "WHAT IN THE BLIND FRUITCAKES support where were you i just died for nothing you pineapplefacedhairlessunicow!" Ezreal, the tears i cried because my adc cant do damage: his first item? my tears, the tears that go with me being unable to get a kill, why? because he does no damage, ever, not early, not mid, he does it later, but because hes ezreal? the game doesnt reach endgame because there might as well be no adc! Kindred: "I DIDNT GET JUNGLE" ok, so kindred isnt really that bad as an adc, its just that the people who play Kindred? they are all junglers who want to roam, what are you? Bards wife? no, stay in lane and farm so i can get you fed and we can win Jhin: The ever reloading, The manaless, The time waster Jhin is a great adc, in higher elos, where people can count to 4, actually have ammo when they walk face first into that leona, 'sorry sonny-o i appear to be out of ammunition, would you mind dying to protect me my finest of fine pals?' -bashes face upon the keyboard- yudodis Jhin, your arm may be wooden, your gun may be empty, why are you even that close!? now, here is the serious and main problem! when i ask them if they can play another champion, there is 3 realistic responses i can expect to recieve and they are: 1) Je ne parle pas l'anglais. 2) Ich spreche kein Englisch. 3) I ARE ADC AND U R SUPPORT, SUPPORT DOESNT WIN GAME ADC DOES but the counter point and why this is an issue? if they ask me to switch and play lets say, lulu, a champion whom i do not play very often and if i were to say 'i am not very good with lulu, i have mastery 6/7 on a bunch of other supports and it would be much easier for both of us if i play them' there is pretty much 2 possible reponses, and they are 1) I ARE ADC AND U R SUPPORT, SUPPORT DOESNT WIN GAME ADC DOES 2) thats fair enough mate, we can work it out in lane and itl be fine! the second of these? almost never happens, when it does im a happy little vegemite oh so much glee for me! Now, thats me complaining about what adcs i wouldnt like to see, and i honestly dont think they are terrible champions, people just make them into damageless suiciding whelps of insanity, these champions are so far off my want to see list that id prefer to see my adc pick Rengar, Darius, Jarvan, Thresh, Talon, Jax, heck even a Nasus who just afk farms for 40 minutes in front of me, heck, id support a singed player who farms the enemy jungle and proxy farms inside between there inhibitor and nexus with smite over those! Now i just solved these lanes with lichbane sona and just kill everyone and win like that, or play Morgana and single handedly just kill 2 people, thats how I got gold! giving up faith in the fact that the adc im playing with is carryable...... so now that my Ranting, Complaining, being a sourface is done, which champions do you hate to see your laning partner use? which adcs make you cringe? which supports make you want to throw your keyboard out the window and pretend like the world is ending? ~Edit as an Edit I am loving all your guys replys and am having fun reading them! hoping to see a lot more! glad to hear all your opinions and experiences to! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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