Permanently Banned November 2016

Hello dear community, first of all I want to mention that I stopped to play League of Legends because of "my" ban which of the Riot Support didn't really care about taking a closer look to which is unfortunate because I was in Challenger Tier one whole season but my situation is a kind of tricky and complicated to explain. I ask you kindly not to be judgmental before trying to understand my situation. I wrote a few tickets. As I mentioned my situation is tricky. My account got banned because of the potential use of scripts. Now, I understand that the Riot Support is harsh and not helpful under these circumstances but I at least hoped to get a chance to explain myself and hoped to get at least one supporter who cared about my situation. 7th July, 2015 - First Ticket about recovering my Account (It's regarding to my ban afterwards) My account got "hacked" after I clicked on a alleged tournament link. I was 17 years old on that time. Let's call it simply naive. As you could imagine, when you're in Challenger Tier, many people add you since you're one of the top players on that server so far. But I've never got cocky and accepted nearly everyone and helped them out with tips and tricks and even played with them a few normals from time to time. But there are also "bad people". Who could have known. Not the 17 years old me :). After I clicked on that link I've got kicked out of my account. I panicked and wrote a ticket to Riot ASAP. I got my Account back at the 23th of July 2015. Now after I got my account back, I played for another week and went to holidays. It's a kind of private but might be relevant in that case. I'm on holidays every year at the same time. End of July to mid September. In that time, since I've very very bad connection there, I don't even log into the client. Before I went to my holidays, I was the same naive boy who might have clicked on links again. To be absolutely honest, I don't recall but it has to be a reason why my account was continuously active at that time. Someone played games on my account and I didn't even realize it over the whole duration of my holidays. After I got back from my holidays, I wasn't very active either. I played one or two games in September 2016 I guess. Naturally, I wasn't very used to it anymore caused by the fact that I was away for so long. This is / was the usual procedure for me. I played actively. Then I went to my holidays. Then I came back and wasn't very active either. After a certain time the old habit hit back. It was routine. Every year the same. So, before the season was going to end I wanted check my Account. I remember it quite good. It was the last date of the season. That was the reason why I decided to check on my account and the upcoming rewards. I opened my client and wanted to log in. Surprisingly the Client told me that my account got permanently banned because of the use of scripts. 3rd party software to improve my skills. I was like "What the f****** hell is going on?". I panicked. Wrote a ticket. Same procedure. November 11. 2015, 8:23:34 pm - Ticket - Regarding my permanent ban First, I thought that it has been a mistake. I completed Challenger in 2014 in Solo/DuoQ and in 5v5. I rushed Challenger in 2015 and dropped but I didn't play much as I mentioned earlier. Why would someone like me need 3rd party software to play? I was furious and aggressive with my first ticket. Frankly and simply, it hurt my honor at first. This account was something I was proud of. I said that I haven't had played even three games in the last two or three months and that it shouldn't / couldn't be possible that I've been banned for using 3rd party software without even playing the game. That was the point which made me confused. The Supporter answered quickly that it has been played on my account and I got correctly banned with an approved reason. There was 3rd party software being used with my account. I checked my accounts match history with sites like "lolskill" and back then "lolking". It was like the most shocking moment to see that my account was continuously active over the whole time I was inactive. Fun and raging part is that he/she used the script in normal games. At that moment Diamond II or I in SoloQ and using 3rd party software in normal games? Average Elo in normal games should be around Gold? I beg you pardon, ask again? However, I wrote another ticket and explained my situation. Asked them to check IPs. Well, didn't help either since he/she was the only one playing with my account for months. And I wrote another one and another one and etc. I wrote like 6 tickets in total. 4 in 2015 - 1 in 2016 - 1 in 2017. Hoping to find a solution or at least one reasonable supporter who cares and doesn't just copy and pastes the same (sorry) BS over and over again. I don't want to be cocky or unreasonable. I just want to express my frustration because with all these facts it could've been really worth to take a closer look. I just wasn't really self-confident at my age of 17 and more or less reasonable since there isn't much of a possibility to repeal a permanent ban. Frankly, I don't think that it could possibly get unbanned. I just wanted to express myself in here. Maybe try another last attempt in 2018. Thanks for reading this. This game played a huge role in my life. Hehe, game, played, you get it? Never mind. However, I'd love to read your opinion on that case. Thanks again and kind regards folks!

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