For the very few that will see this.

Hello, my Summoner Name is Nerf Wolves, and i have been awarded with permanent ban. I want to reform, but every suggestion i make Riot slaps me in the face (Don't get me wrong i appreciate the help and Rioters are polite) with the answer that my account is banned for good. I have been playing on that account since 2013 and that really punched me in the feelings. I don't ask for much only one last chance, because if i fail at least i will know that i'm toxic and i will stay away from the game forever. Please don't hit me with the arguments that i had enough warnings, i simply overlooked them and didn't pay much attention because i was quite busy last month. The 2nd thing is that i think it's pretty unfair that people could get back their accounts with the help of that ,,experiment,, only because they got banned before me? I know the had low succes rates, but those people chosen to stay banned, they we're given a chance. I asked certain Rioter if it is possible that if i get Honor level 5 next season on a brand new account, can my reward be my perma banned account getting ban lifted? Because let's be honest we, yes we with perma bans we all have our main account that is banned, and then we have those other accounts for which we simply don't care because in the first one we put passion,and joy and those other accounts mean nothing to us, like stealing baron with janna's q without ward, but when you do it 2nd or 3rd time, it is not anything special anymore, it's just meh and you don't really care at all. That is at least how i'm feeling right now. My hope is getting smaller with each day of contacting Riot support service, with every message i read or write on this topic. I'm not trying to get back account for no reason, i want to prove i'm not toxic anymore and i want to dedicate whole season 9 if i must, only getting honors,being positive and friendly player on new account. If there is actually no chance of getting my main account back, i will walk away from the game before i just get hurt more. I wish you all a good day, and please be careful with chat so you don't end up like me.
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