Are you guys honestly enjoying this game?

im coming from a wow-community so im kinda shocked by this game because i thought that our com is bad, but whats actually going on here? i played 8 games today, all 8 were insanely bad. trolls, feeders, afkers, inters, on both sides... a report system that doesnt give you a proper feedback, so you never know if your reports actually do anything. people having mental breakdowns over ANYTHING, even the slightest problem and they snap, i feel like i play with lunatics. and that happens every game. im level 14 now and im just abuot to uninstall this game, i have absolutel yno idea how you guys are enjoying this or hwat you are even doing here. how is league of legends a popular game? how? im actually muting everybody as soon as i get in game wich is kinda annoying having to click on every one of those mute buttons every time i start a game, but even then, people are nuts, they just feed for no reason, autofill -> feed, champ banned -> feed, jungler not constantly ganking -> feed. enemies got a kill -> feed. or afk. shouldnt these people get banned or something? i mean i honesstly dont really care im pretty sure im gonna uninstall this "game" tonight ill try one more game and if i get lunatics again im done, but i just dont understand how this game is even popular. wows community is sometimes pretty bad, but this is nothing compared with this. hell i would even rate call of duty's com higher then this, this is by faaaar the worst of the worst, you guys are litearlly at the bottom of all gaming communites, at least the ones that i tried. how can u even enjoy this? are u not suffering? and why are the game designers allowing this? how is this a video game when its about nothing else but mental problems, autism, and social akwardness? this is not a video game.
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