A 10 ranked games summary [Long post ]

Hello everyone! This is more of a blog/statistic thread rather than general ranting, so bear with me and lets get through this topic. I’m starting to feel like league’s ranked system is a waste of time (at least for support mains), the games are generally a huge coinflip, you either get the worst players or they do, there is no in between. So I’ve decided to track my latest 10 ranked games. These are my statistics: --Matches without flaming : 0/10 games -Matches lost due to autofilled players : 3/10 games -Times the All Chat was used for something constructive : 0/10 games -IFS messages : 0/10 games -Matches with smurfs : 1/10 games -LP before starting the track : 61 -LP after the 10 games : 51 -Overal winrate for the past 10 games : 40% -Games lost by my own fault : 3 (since those are with Yuumi and the allies don't understand it yet [no worries, i have 200 games with her on PBE]). Now i'm questioning, where is the fairness of this matchmaking system, i had no bans or chat restrictions since i've ever started to play this game. Now, toxicity cannot, and will never reach me, but not everyone has my mindset. How does Riot expect to keep a healthy community when the toxic players are not filtered out, griefers are not being punished and solo skilled players are actually punished for being good at this game ( especially that you're being matched with players below your skill level). My conclusion. - will start every game with /fullmute all since toxicity is present in chat either from allies or enemis. - will communicate exclusively through the PING system - will play ranked even less since it's an infinite loop of +/- LP - next season im planning to completely abbandon ranked or league itself. https://i.imgur.com/94bDUsX.jpg
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