Some more tilting from me ( most of u ignore this )

So, just as always, i got a nice chat restrict. I wont even bother to count it anymore, since this system is fkin %%%%%%ed anyway. So the situation: I play riven top VS a quinn!! ( and he was really good btw for a silver ranked game! ).- As u can guess, it was shit for me. He could just shit on me whenever he wanted. But i REALLY tried hard, only died twice to him in 15 min while trying to safe farm! ) SO, the first 15 min was about my jungle twitch ( what u expect from a fkin rat ), ignored my lane. ENTIRELY. I didn't even see him!!!!! So vs a range champ with cc ( as long as i know quinn is a hardcore bully champ ), i got ZERO help for 15 min. I was really pissed. So much when they shittalked like "farm safe, dont feed" etc ( really, what else can i do ), i got so pissed i talked BACK! ( not in a nice way obiusly as u can guess from my post, i like using this words like shit, %%%%, etc). Even when the obviously lost game ended ( yeah we lost, ofc ), i didnt report any1. Just because they are fkin idiots, i won't report them, not even the jungler. Still next game i had the pleasure to realize i got another chat restrict... Since this report system is fkin %%%%%%ed as i mentioned at the start, i couldnt give less %%%%, as long as im not banned, it should be alright ( not that i cant register again). But it still piss me off, that a few shithead, who have zero understanding of counterpicks and what should they do to help u out, can manage to blame me for it. ( and successfully got a chat restrcit ) ( BTW i was honor level 2, since normally i play the nice guy ) I could be a better riven ? OFC! thats why i watch youtbe, i practice in the practice tool, etc. AND losing a lane is part of the game, still no reason to flame. BUT REALLY, when u got told after 20 min!!!! that "we should just group", i honestly got sooooo pissed. Really ? play in team after getting ignored and sucking vs quinn for more than 15 min ALONE ? NO TANKS, HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME! At least they lost it ( deserved ), so im not that tilted ( yes this is after i calmed myself somewhat ). PS : normally i never write back anything, even when my jungle/etc feed, i just go "calm down, we will do this" etc. But not when im getting flamed. Losing a game is still better than letting those asses win it like they area good. NO FKIN WAY! ah felt good to write out it from myself, idc if no1 reads this. i needed this. bye! i will keep playing ranked, and talk back when i got flamed! Have fun punishent system, and pls, at lest look into it before punishing not like it will ever happen. Really last PS : Still love the game and will play it, pls introduce a feature i can turn off EVEN the team chat! So these guys wont piss me, thx!
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