I submit you a grief/troller who died 15 times in 34 minuts , with deaths which he dived enemy towers intentionally , and you not even investigate him to ban him , he been and toxic , and that's not all , he was adc and trolled because i took 4 minions random ... , SHAME , i have to expect you will apply rules and protect me ,so i don't have to stress myself with people who break rules and are toxic , this guy flame and been TROLLING ,he manage to play 7-8 games after he troll that game ... , and he played time of 2 days already without problems , so this mean everyone is safe to break rules beecause you not even care to investigate , or to read the description of the reports , is a shame !!!!!!!!!!!! , i can't believe you apply permament bans for toxicity in chat ,while this guy flame and troll and grief whole game and you mark him as normal and good to stay inside this game , how do you do your job there ,if such a person can affect others and stress them into breaking rules throught raising toxicity towards him back. What should i understand from this ?? , i have no right to broke rules , i suffer 2 permanent bans in past , 1 for almost no shit reason , and now that i am back and have a lv 130 account , after i got ex account banned with lot's of content , i find you apply rules as you wish ,not as it is writed in ToS , if the rules are for everyone apply them for everyone or don't apply them at all , what kind of justice is this ,where some people get punished and pay for them mistakes ,and some just can't be punish . Explain me if we all are equal in front of the justice system , how it comes some suffer punishments and others never , how it comes you ask people to reform otherwise you take them accounts when you can't apply rules for everyone who break them ... . I can see what happened into past , i been always getting a ban because someone who grief/troll ,so let's assume i play of 7-8 years , i got so many cases of grief/troll and now in 2019 , i have pure evidence that you don't do anything against troll/grief behaviour , more than this if that's not enought , i deny then the fact it was fair to pursuit permanent bans for negativity ,while you stand and leaved people who grief/troll to annoy and make others angry , if that's not enought i deny the fact you been apply rules for everyone equal , because i have hundreds of cases of people who troll/grief and haven't been punished to the standard 14 days ban. If that is okey for you , is not okey for me !!!! . I Got a permanent ban for not even swearing after 3 months of non toxic behaviour since my 14 days ban , and this guy break rules and is toxic , and nothing happens to him , so how i can expect to believe you care about toxicity into your game , when you show me no mercy , and ban one account for 140 years in conditions i been not even repeating my past behaviour never again since the 14 days ban i got last time , about 1 year ago , and you are proov me you have mercy for every troll/grief behaviour happens into this game , how do others deserve your mercy and indifference , and i don't deserve to be treat as human ,and you have no problems to ban someone 140 years for not even swearing , if that's more than wrong , then i let you find that ,what ever i sayd last time i got permanent ban ,couldn't offense a child , but you let that to be a permanent ban , because you really know who deserve to be punished and not into this game. I wait someone from Riot games company who is the leader of this crap system to resign himself for his mistakes and admit this is a stupid system who punish only beyond it's capacity unjustify ,or into it's capacity limits of finding someone ,and sometimes without any human sense. BECAUSE I DON'T THINK I AM RIGHT NOW A PROBLEM FOR 140 YEARS IF I CAN PLAY ANOTHER ACCOUNT ,NEITHER A PROBLEM FOR FLAME CAUSE I HAVEN'T SWEAR ANYONE , SO REPAIR YOUR POLITICS AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR COMMUNITY.
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