Request or help To disable the chat window..

Hey, First of all there are a few who would say, just behave or a few who want to teach me how to be more sportsmanlike or whatever. Im a normal guy having fun & playing video games like any other. but i never ever have experienced so many people pushing hate to one or another like in this one. and i really like LoL. and ofcourse i can disable "all chat". to avoid such confrontations with the enemy team. the thing is. 8 month's ago. i had a collapsed lung. or whatever its called in english.. mb.. so i Quited smoking after 8 years. Well ofcourse your health improves and such and im a verry healthy man haha.. butt Quiting smoking does have some side effects as it seems.. back in the day when i was smoking.. I hated losing yes ofcourse. but i knew i could learn from my mistakes etc.. as everyone. but now even if im winning there are always people who are searching confrontation. and for some reason.. i cant hold back to ignore everything people say.. so yess somethimes i react back into a (how they discribe it). toxic. (by means: I never insulted anyone with something like: cancer or any other, i know enough people who had it or have it).. and i never wished anyone something bad towards the person.. thats not the type of guy who i am.. maybe lines like noob xD or reported becaose they say izi or scrub or retard towards me wants me to keep reminding them dat they will be reported. wish after the game is finished i do reallize what am i actually doin its meaningless.. im only making myself play bad to give in.. What im getting at is. maybe there already is an option to disable the entire chat window ( i diddent find it yet ). but it would be a great option for me & maybe many others.. if i could disable the entire chat window.. becaose i want to mute everyone xD but.. doin that over & over again.. is pretty annoying. i just love this game & i just dont want to get tempted to even chat with someone in the chat wish may coase in a toxic conversation.. the idea is if i cannot see what anyone says. i am not tempted to say something to them myself. im not an angel. nobody is.. & i think almost nobody is immum to insults or anything.. sorry for my bad english im still learning. i hope u know what i mean. xD Kind regards, Killahkeezy.

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