Is the matching system unfair to lower skilled players?

Alright so very frequently I will go into a 5 man premade in normals with my friends, it is fun playing together. We are all low silver to gold level. At least 90% of our games we will be placed against another 5 man premade, which is usually 2 plats, an unranked, and a few silvers, sometimes a diamond, and we just get completely destroyed, sometimes the unranked people just go afk, so it is just some very skilled players trashing us in a 4v5, it's my theory that some diamond and plats do this just to have a laugh and stomp people who aren't as good at the game. I think it's a little bit bullshit that a diamond can queue with an unranked just to stomp some lower level people and it really ruins the experience, does anyone else experience this? Because I really think there should be some kind of penalty if someone excessively high levelled goes into queue with someone very low levelled, to prevent them from just stomping.
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