2 week suspension when I never had even a single chat restriction????

Hi, I never had a single chat restriction on my account and after an edgy game i got 2 week suspension. Ok I flamed a bit but you are telling me that because of 1 game where I flamed cuz of the toxicness of others i got a 2 week suspension?. Here is the situation towards syndra - enemies were chasing her, I went to save her, I even flashed and I wasnt able to save her cuz of her own mistake and she spammed ping me so i flamed her a bit and muted her. The situation towards shyvana - I pinged her to get herald and she just ignored me and replied I dont need ur help and left, she and syndra were constantly pinging me and they had remarks mostly about everything I did. Or she went in solo vs 5, expecting me to ult while I pinged that I dont have ulti.... All this happened in 1 game, not in the previous or the other games I played there. I really belive the 2 week suspension is really unfair and that I deserved a chat ban and not this extreme punishment for 1 edgy game. This is really unfair, a lot of my friends are constantly flaming and using a lot of abusive words and they get chat banned but i get a 2 week suspension for flaming a bit toxic players???? seriously riot??, what is this??.
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