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So i really started to wonder ,how much you can behave negative and what means to be toxic in a game ... , i do that because i not even know anymore what means to be a negative behaving person or a toxic one regarding how much of your behaviour exceeds, i don't consider myself that punishments should be apply from 2-3 lines , if you haven't broke rules hard , such as wishing someone to k himself or stuffs like this , in teory i feel like the game itself should somehow have a limit of what behaviour could be considered in one game toxic or repeting in being toxic.. I also don't understand the lack of information which you receive in the reform card ,as you get hundreds of lines of normal conversation and not anymore understand clearly what was toxic considered ,some bolded words or phrases could be cool to understand if the system itself understood your phrases in a wrong way . So you can defend yourself if you feel like you weren't been extremly disruptive in a game , i had some chat logs where i got permanent banned in 3 lines for threats against a griefer , only with the reason of scarry him about the consequences he expose himself if he do what ever he do .. . So always when i got a punishment i could understand what was toxic ,but this time , it was so confusing that i had no ideea why exactly the chat logs were considered that disruptive ,because i couldn't understood anymore what they considered toxic , as in my eyes only the threat against the guy who grief tended to look toxic , and i not even promise him a punishment , i just been saying that i submit replay on support ,to let him know that it will be manualy checked and he will not escape about , the intresting fact is that,after i look back in match history that guy never got banned , which is quitly weird. So if you lose your calm and use some stuffs ,as long as you don't over exagerate with it , shouldn't pull punishment over you for smallest thingh in my opinnion , it should be about how much you disrupt the game being negative , as long as i feel like i got attacked and didn't do that much harm back , or anything insulting back ,dosn't feels fair to be punished from that ,further more for what kind of treatment you received inside game , if you had a troller/griefer + a couple of people toxic against you , how Riot claims that you should stay 100% silent and neutral ... , is not okey this , i am considering myself not that disruptive ,as Riot considered me 8 months ago for what i done ,in 2 chat logs of the last 2 games, which really leave me the impression that it wasn't broking rules that hard to pull the last punishment of 140 years ban aka "permanent ban". My personal chat logs i got a permanent ban for : honor lv 1 , 3 months of absolutly clean behaviour + played daily talking every day + had every day to deal with disruptive players ,i haven't broke rules so long time throught hundreds of players who negative behave ,is quitly weird the permanent ban and how it got issued like. https://pastebin.com/KvZEgJPV
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